1stdibs Gets Real at the New York Design Center

We all use and love 1stdibs.com, the 10-year-old online marketplace for top-grade antiques and vintage furniture. Well, the website just opened a huge real-world showroom covering the entire 10th floor of the New York Design Center. Called 1stdibs@NYDC, it gathers together more than 50 of the site’s best North American and European dealers in a kind of permanent international antiques fair. It’s a dazzling new resource, and not just for the trade: the public can shop there too. Here are some of our first impressions.

1stdibs Gueridon

Gueridon, Brooklyn, NY, at 1stdibs@NYDC

Ron Bricke: Visiting was exciting, like a stroll through the marchés aux puces in Paris.  It allowed me to quickly peruse over 35 booths featuring 20th century merchandise much faster than scanning several web sites.  I hope they’ll expand the stylistic scope to include 18th and 19th century merchandise.

1stdibs@NYDC Heir Antiques
Heir Antiques, NY, at 1stdibs@NYDC

Susan Huckvale Arann: The variety of mid century modern furnishings and accessories is impressive. I saw a group of circa 1950 mannequin heads that  I’m considering for a new dressing room at hospitality client’s property.  And a 1950 wine sign was a steal at under $2,000, just perfect for a wine room.

1stdibs@NYDC Stellar Union
Stellar Union, Southampton, NY, at 1stdibs@NYDC

Glenn Gissler: I’ve been a fan and customer of 1stdibs.com from the beginning. Michael Bruno is a true visionary, using the internet to make the world smaller by expanding the marketplace for vintage furnishings. 1stdibs is educational, interesting, and thrilling; I learn new things every time I log on. And now I can visit 1stdibs@NYDC–a designer’s candy store indeed!

1stdibs@NYDC Gustavo Olivieri Antiques
Gustavo Olivieri Antiques, Miami Beach, FL, at 1stdibs@NYDC

Tim Button: At first I was overwhelmed; I’m used to having to dig through stuff, not to having it all so pristinely presented. The level of quality is so high that collectively it’s an excellent barometer of what’s important in today’s antiques market. I really liked a pair of Italian reclining chairs at Amy Zook.

1stdibs@NYDC Amy Zook Antiques

Amy Zook Antiques, New York, NY, at 1stdibs@NYDC