Ronald Bricke

Ron BrickleFrom an Art Deco apartment in Paris to the challenging restoration of a famed Frank Lloyd Wright house to the corporate headquarters and branch offices of a major stock brokerage company, Ronald Bricke enjoys working with a broad spectrum of clients, “Both those willing to explore cutting edge designs as well as those who are more traditionally inclined,” he says. No matter the project, Bricke’s design philosophy is always to use the client’s personal taste, style, and needs as his inspiration.

A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Bricke gives credit to an early association with designer Angelo Donghia for imbuing his subsequent work with a contemporary sophistication and glamor that, along with a virtuoso use of the relationships between light, balance, proportion, and especially color, remain hallmarks of his interiors. In fact, adjectives such as “chic,” “ultra-sophisticated,” and “sleek” reoccur throughout hundreds of print and television stories featuring the work of his firm, Ronald Bricke & Associates. As Interior Design magazine wrote, “This is the stuff of which dreams are made.”

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