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Laura Bohn Recieves a Pratt Institute 2014 Alumni Achievement Award

Pratt Institute 2014 Alumni Achievement Awards

Our congratulations go to Designers Collaborative cofounder Laura Bohn who last week received a Pratt Institute Alumni Achievement Award at a luncheon in New York City. The awards recognize outstanding Pratt graduates who have distinguished themselves in their fields, who have earned a high degree of respect among their colleagues and in the general community, and whose impact has been felt on a regional, national, or international level. Laura (B.F.A. Interior Design ’77) was the deserving recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Career Award for creating a body of work that resonates with Pratt’s values of aesthetic judgment, professional knowledge, collaborative skill, and technical expertise. Bravissima!

Laura Bohn Accepting her Distinguished Career Award from Pratt Institute

Laura Bohn accepting her Distinguished Career Award from Pratt Institute at the University Club in New York City.

Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief, Interior Design magazine, congratulates Laura Bohn on her Pratt Institute Alumni Life Achievement Award

The fabulous Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design magazine, congratulates Laura.

2014 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients- Albert Konetzni Jr. (accepting on behalf of his father, Albert Konetzni), Adam Selman, Jennifer Wen Ma, Laura Bohn, Goulda Downer, Bruce M. Newman

2014 Pratt Institute Alumni Achievement Award Recipients:  Albert Konetzni Jr. (accepting on behalf of his father, Albert Konetzni), Adam Selman, Jennifer Wen Ma, Laura Bohn, Goulda Downer, and Bruce M. Newman


Interior Design Hall of Fame

Interior Design Magazine2013 Interior Design Hall of Fame

The 29th annual Interior Design Hall of Fame was held on December 4 at a black-tie event in the Waldorf Astoria hosted by the magazine’s editor in chief Cindy Allen and president Mark Strauss. This year’s inductees were Paul Masi and Harry Bates of Bates Masi + Architects, Collin Burry of Gensler, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of Neri&Hu, and Kenneth Wampler of The Alpha Workshops. Among the 1,300 guests were 16 former inductees, including Designers Collaborative members Bruce Bierman, Laura Bohn, and Scott Bromley, who gathered for a group photo.

Past inductees at the 29th Interior Design Hall of Fame, 2013

 Former inductees at the 2013 Interior Design Hall of Fame: 1. Kevin Walz. 2. Robert Kleinschmidt. 3. Juan Montoya. 4. Paul Siskin. 5. George Beylerian. 6. David Kleinberg. 7. Bruce Bierman. 8. Scott Bromley. 9. Arthur Gensler. 10. Laura Bohn. 11. Robert Siegel. 12. Lee Mindel. 13. David Rockwell. 14. Margo Grant Walsh. 15. Ronette King. 16. Ruth Lynford.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame and included among so many design industry icons I’ve always admired was a great honor,” says Bruce Bierman, who received the award in 2000. “It was even better than my bar mitzvah,” he jokes. “My husband, William Secord, said he’d take me to any restaurant I wanted for a celebration dinner. I said any restaurant would do, as long as it was in Paris. So the morning after the awards we flew there for a long weekend, including dinner.”

Laura Bohn and her partner Joseph Lembo were inducted in 1998–two years after they had disbanded their firm. “Everyone who had worked with us came,” Laura says. “It was thrilling and terrifying–my first time public speaking and I was nauseous for six months before. Joseph lost 25 pounds and hired a speech writer, but we didn’t use any of it. To be acknowledged by your peers is the greatest thing, and the event itself is so much fun–a party I never want to miss. All your friends are there, people you know and love are around, and it’s always great to see deserving people like Ken Wampler from the Alpha Workshops get honored.”

Scott Bromley was inducted in 1991. “It was the middle of the AIDS crisis,” he says. “At the end of my acceptance speech I thanked all the people who were there and then went on to thank those who could not be there (some of them previous Hall of Fame inductees) and started naming friends lost to AIDS. I continued as I left the stage and walked all the way back to where I was seated–still naming names. There was a standing ovation.”


TAG Research in Action Awards, 2013


TAG Research in Action Awards 2013

Treatment Action Group, an invaluable AIDS research and policy think tank fighting for a vaccine and a cure for the disease, is holding its annual Research in Action Awards event in the early evening of Sunday, December 15. Honorees this year are Anderson Cooper, Olympia Dukakis, and Dr. Joseph Sonnabend. I’ll be there in full support of this important and inspiring organization and I hope you’ll consider attending too. For full details, click here.