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Stockholm Syndrome: Laura Bohn’s Favorite New Products from the 2014 IKEA Catalog

The recently released 2014 IKEA Catalog is full of terrific new products. Here are some that caught my eye–I’ll be checking them out when I make my fall visit to the local store.

Bjornloka duvet cover and pillowcases by IKEA

I love the all-cotton BJÖRNLOKA duvet cover and pillowcases with their bold black-and-white stripes.

Hektar pendant lamp by IKEA

The totally industrial look of the HEKTAR pendant lamp is amazing, absolutely perfect for hanging over a kitchen island.

Stockholm swivel easy chair by IKEA, yellow

 I have to have the STOCKHOLM Swivel Easy Chair–not only does it rotate, it also comes in green and brown.

Knapper floor mirror by IKEA
Knapper floor mirror back by IKEA

The KNAPPER Floor Mirror is the greatest–neatly tucked behind it are hooks and a rail for hangers, so you can have your work clothes out of sight but ready and waiting for you in the morning.

Söderhamn sofa by IKEA

The SÖDERHAMN Sofa is part of a marvelous sectional seating system that includes armchairs, chaises, ottomans, and corner units that can be endlessly reconfigured.

Grundtal laundry bin by IKEA

The GRUNDTAL Laundry Bin hangs from the wall on a stainless steel bracket. Who knew a laundry basket could be so chic and practical?

Stockholm fabric by IKEA

Designed by Maria Vinka, the all-cotton STOCKHOLM  fabric is big and graphic and would look great as a wall covering.

Stockholm bed frame with slatted bed baseby IKEA

The STOCKHOLM Slatted Bed Frame and Base is made of stained ash and has leather headboard cushions. I love this combination of materials, which make it look like a much more expensive brand.

Locksta easy chair by IKEA, orange

The LOCKSTA Easy Chair has a steel frame and a removable and washable fabric cover. It’s proportions are great–I can see it as a useful bedroom chair.

Krokig wall hook by IKEA

I love the fun and boldness of these KROKIG Wall Hooks–they’d be ideal for a kid’s room.


Curtains Up! Bruce Bierman Creates a Bedroom Closet

When my partner, William Secord, and I decided to renovate our downtown loft, we moved temporarily into a small apartment in a modern building in the Flower District.  The bedroom had a walk-in closet, but there wasn’t nearly enough storage space for the two of us. So I turned the whole of the walk-in into shelving and created a new closet by curtaining off a two-foot-wide strip at the end of the room. Behind the drapes I installed a double-hanging system for shirts and suits, and a center tower cabinet with drawers, bookshelves, video equipment, and a niche for the dog crate. It was a quick and nifty solution to a perennial Manhattan apartment problem.

Bruce Bierman bedroom

The bedroom in Bruce Bierman and William Secord’s temporary apartment in the Flower District had a walk-in closet that provided insufficient clothes storage.  Photographs courtesy of New York Social Diary

Bruce Bierman closet

Bruce curtained off a two-foot-wide strip at one end of the room to use as additional closet space.

Bruce Bierman closet

Behind the fabric-liner drapes Bruce installed a double-hanging system for shirts and suits, and a center tower cabinet that houses bookshelves, video equipment, and drawers. 

Bruce Bierman closet

Bruce and William’s Dandy Dinmont terrier, Rocky, gets a floor-level niche for his dog crate.

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