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Summer Splash: Stedila Design in The Daily Beast

Daily Beast, OMG I Want This House, John Stedila, AmagansettDaily Beast, OMG I Want This House, John Stedila, Amagansett, caption

We here at Stedila Design are delighted that Tina Brown‘s super buzzy website, The Daily Beast, featured our founding partner John Stedila’s Amagansett beach retreat–a converted fire station–in its “OMG, I Want This House” column. They used Simon Upton’s terrific photography, which originally appeared in an Elle Decor cover story on the house a few years back. Here are a few shots.

Living room mural and fireplace, John Stedila house, Amagansett

Artist Tom Hooper drew the horses on the living room’s stucco wall. Photograph by Simon Upton

Living room, John Stedila house, Amagansett

The floors are polished concrete. Photograph by Simon Upton

Pavilion, John Stedila house, Amagansett

The steel-and-glass dining pavilion. Photograph by Simon Upton

Pool portico, John Stedila house, Amagansett
A classical portico overlooks the swimming pool. Photograph by Simon Upton

John was responsible for most of the design, although I worked on the project too, adding the pavilions and the steel-and-glass doors. We often work collaboratively, constantly leaning over each other’s shoulders, and are doing so currently for a house in Bridgehampton. John’s place has gotten even better with time, and the gardens have matured beautifully.  Here are some recent snaps of the exterior.

John Stedila house, Amagansett, 2013_1
The rear terrace as it appears today with ivy-covered walls.

John Stedila house, Amagansett, 2013_3

The house is now surrounded with lush vegetation and colorful flowers.

John Stedila house, Amagansett, 2013_4
Hydrangeas flank a gate.


Green Acres: Bromley Caldari Wins an EBie Award


We want to congratulate Bromley Caldari for being part of the team that just won an EBie Award from the Urban Green Council. These juried awards, known as the “Oscars of Sustainable Existing Buildings,” celebrate sustainability improvements in existing buildings (hence the EBies) and the individuals who made them happen. They recognize the “unsung heroes” who have made great strides in improving environmental performance, since research shows that changes to existing buildings will have the greatest environmental impact, despite new buildings often getting the spotlight.

Brookly Grange Urban Rooftop Farm, Bromley Caldari Architects

Brooklyn Grange urban farm on the roof of the Standard Motor Products Building in Queens, New York, designed by Bromley Caldari Architects.

Bromley Caldari’s amazing project, the creation of Brooklyn Grange, a 43,000-square-foot urban farm on the roof of the Standard Motor Products Building in Queens, NY, won the Verdant Brainiac Award, which recognizes the most innovative green renovation project, particularly one that overcame significant barriers (cost, institutional, technological) in a manner that is scalable. Congratulations to Jerry Caldari and the project team.


Green Thumbs: Bromley Caldari’s Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm Featured on Architectizer

We were delighted that a project of ours was featured recently on Architectizer, the terrific website for all things architectural. Brooklyn Grange Urban Rooftop Farm in Long Island City, Queens, which we completer and blogged about last year, appeared in an article entitled Feed Your City: Architecture + Farming, a round-up of the best examples of urban agriculture. Check it out here.

Brooklyn Grange Urban Farm by Bromley Caldari Architects featured in Architizer