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Laura Bohn Hosts Real Life, Real Design

Youth at Risk


I’m delighted to be participating next month in REAL LIFE, REAL DESIGN, a fundraising benefit for a great organization, Youth at Risk, which aims at transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people through a program of sustained mentoring. I’ll be co-hosting the evening event, along with such design world luminaries as Kim Myles from HGTV, Christopher Coleman, and many others listed here. We’ll each be donating exclusive pieces of our own design, which will be up for auction starting at 50 percent off retail price. Tickets include full access to the featured designers showrooms, shopping, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a night of fun and networking. Here are the details:

Gary’s Loft
28 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018

Wednesday, October 16, 6:00–9:30 pm
5:00:  Guest Registration
5:00–8:30:   Silent Auction
6:00:  Introductions
8:30:  Silent Auction ends, Live Auction begins
9:30:  Closing

 You can purchase tickets here.


CJ Dellatore: Glenn Gissler’s Favorite Blog

cj dellatore blog

Carl Dellatore, an engaging and longstanding member of the New York design community, is responsible for my favorite blog, CJ Dellatore: Relevant Design ( Resources for interior design professionals and the savvy consumer. Carl, who combines an interest in aesthetics and beauty with a level of intelligence and pragmatism that’s refreshing, posts thoughtful, informative pieces on Business, Design, Fashion, and Technology. He recently started a section called Point of View, in which a designer gives a short, succinct quote about his or her work, which is illustrated by a single image. (I was pleased to be featured in the section.)

CJ Dellatore blog, Point of View, Glenn Gissler

I really like the way Carl looks at and understands social media as an expressive means of communicating about design. For instance, he’s smart about the way people use such tactics as hashtags: 

CJ Delatore blog post The Rise of the HashtagContinue reading here.

In posts like this Carl shares what he knows and has learned about social media and design in an interesting and dynamic way. He speaks a clear and concise language I can understand. His blog is practical and entertaining, inspirational and service oriented. I contacted him to talk about it and found he is as provocative as he is amusing. Carl thinks about blogging as an organic process, not just a mindless matter of SEO but an art that requires care, thought, and strategy. I know I’ll continue to learn a lot from him and his blog.


Glenn Gissler: The 25th Anniversary, Part II


In my previous 25th Anniversary post, I mentioned that one of my early jobs was Ian Schrager’s beach house in Southampton. Calvin and Kelly Klein saw it, Kelly gave me a call, and I went to meet her in Calvin’s fabulous Joe D’Urso-designed office. The couple had an 1891 shingle mansion in East Hampton on a dead-end road overlooking the ocean and Georgica Pond. Architect Thierry Despont had renovated it for them but they needed help finishing up a number of rooms. Would I be interested in the job? The only hesitation I had was about what to wear when I visited the place. Putting on jeans and cowboy boots, I headed out to the house, where I was let in by a houseman.

I redid their bedroom, using a Federal four-poster bed that they’d bought at the Andy Warhol estate sale in 1988 (I wrote about it here). In the dining room, I  added white linen curtains and introduced new white-linen slipcovered chairs. In fact, I had used these chairs before, in both the Schrager beach house and an apartment I’d done for Michael Kors, then just a young, emerging designer. (I’ve continued to do residential and commercial projects for Michael over the years, including this penthouse apartment; currently I’m redoing the 1,500-square-foot planted terrace there.) The chairs were a big hit because they were stylish and very inexpensive, consisting of an $80 basic wood chair from the Door Store on which I put a simple linen slipcover. They appeared in several publications at the time, including HG, W, and Metropolitan Home, though I never got a credit for them!

Calvin and Kelly Klien's bedroom by Glenn Gissler in East Hampton, NY

For the master bedroom in Calvin and Kelly Klein’s East Hampton beach house, Glenn Gissler used a four-poster bed that previously belonged to Andy Warhol.

Calvin Klein in Glenn Gissler's slipcovered Door Store chair

Calvin Klein, photographed in his East Hampton beach house, sitting on an $80 Door Store chair slipcovered in white linen by Glenn Gissler. 

Michael Kors apartment by Glenn Gissler with slipcovered Door Store chairs

Glenn had previously used the slipcovered Door Store chairs in this apartment for the then-fledgling designer Michael Kors.

Dining room in Ian Schrager's Southampton, NY, house by Glenn Gissler with his slipcovered Door Store chairs

Glenn also used the slipcovered chairs in the dining room of hotelier Ian Schrager’s Southampton beach house.