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Thanksgiving in Palm Beach

The Breakers, Palm Beach, lit up for the Holidays

The Breakers, Palm Beach, lighted for the holidays

For the past decade, my art dealer husband William Secord  and I have spent Thanksgiving in London or Paris. Our families would ask, “Are you coming for the holidays?” but we would head overseas. This year we’ll be eating our turkey at the house of friends in Palm Beach, where we’ll be spending the break in our West Palm Beach apartment with Rocky, our Dandie Dinmont terrier.

Bruce Bierman's Dandie Dinmont terrier, in the West Palm Beach apartment

Rocky, Bruce Bierman’s Dandie Dinmont terrier, takes it easy in West Palm Beach.

The living room of Bruce Bierman's West Palm Beach apartment. Sargent Architectural Photography

The apartment living room. Sargent Architectural Photography

As with all New Yorkers, our life in the city is incredibly hectic, and we plan to take it nice and easy down in Florida. But it won’t be all R&R. I actually have a client meeting at noon on Thanksgiving Day itself, as well as having three projects in Palm Beach that are all currently in the installation phase—a process that can be incredibly detailed, down to stocking the clients’ refrigerator (in some cases, even matching its content to that of the fridge in their New York apartment). The projects are located in two legendary Palm Beach resort properties: one is a penthouse in The Biltmore; the other two are in The Breakers, which I get an incredible view of from my 30th-floor apartment.

View of the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach from Bruce Bierman's apartment in West Palm Beach

 The view of Palm Beach and The Breakers from Bruce Bierman’s 30th-floor apartment in West Palm Beach.

But I have more than a strong visual relationship with The Breakers. I’ve actually designed six apartments (one of them twice) in the 40-apartment complex over the years. One client, who I’ve known for 30 years, is herself an interior designer but incredibly we did not disagree about anything!

Penthouse apartment in The Breakers, Palm Beach, by Bruce Bierman

 At The Breakers, the library in a penthouse Bruce Bierman designed for a client who is herself an interior designer


Curtains Up! Bruce Bierman Creates a Bedroom Closet

When my partner, William Secord, and I decided to renovate our downtown loft, we moved temporarily into a small apartment in a modern building in the Flower District.  The bedroom had a walk-in closet, but there wasn’t nearly enough storage space for the two of us. So I turned the whole of the walk-in into shelving and created a new closet by curtaining off a two-foot-wide strip at the end of the room. Behind the drapes I installed a double-hanging system for shirts and suits, and a center tower cabinet with drawers, bookshelves, video equipment, and a niche for the dog crate. It was a quick and nifty solution to a perennial Manhattan apartment problem.

Bruce Bierman bedroom

The bedroom in Bruce Bierman and William Secord’s temporary apartment in the Flower District had a walk-in closet that provided insufficient clothes storage.  Photographs courtesy of New York Social Diary

Bruce Bierman closet

Bruce curtained off a two-foot-wide strip at one end of the room to use as additional closet space.

Bruce Bierman closet

Behind the fabric-liner drapes Bruce installed a double-hanging system for shirts and suits, and a center tower cabinet that houses bookshelves, video equipment, and drawers. 

Bruce Bierman closet

Bruce and William’s Dandy Dinmont terrier, Rocky, gets a floor-level niche for his dog crate.

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Laura Bohn’s Summer Pursuits

Travel: We spend every weekend, and any other time we can, at our farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It’s so beautiful and tranquil, and I can take care of my rescue animals, which now include a kitten, two dogs, guinea hens, and a miniature horse (well, I do live on a farm).

View from terrace at Laura Bohn's Bucks County country house

Laura Bohn‘s tranquil farm getaway in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Minature horse rescued by Laura Bohn

A miniature horse rescued by Laura Bohn and living on her Bucks County farm.

Around Town: I’ve just discovered the Marset showroom on West 22nd Street, great contemporary lighting from Barcelona.

Scantling standing lamps by Mathias Hahn for Marset

Laura’s recent showroom discovery: the Spanish company Marset, for contemporary lighting like these Scantling lamps designed by Mathias Hahn.

Books & Movies: Maybe I’m late to the party, but I just got an iPad and I’m obsessed with it, using it all the time to read books and watch movies. One of my passions is all things Marie Antoinette, so I’ve been reading Caroline Weber’s wonderful Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution. You can’t stream Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie yet, but I can’t wait to see what Milena Cananero’s fabulous costumes and Manolo Blahnik’s delectable shoes look like on the iPad’s crystal clear screen.

Queen of Fashion, What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, by Caroline Weber

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