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Style Compass: Bruce Bierman in 1stdibs’ Introspective Magazine

1stdibs introspective magazine

I’m delighted to be the subject of a profile by Jorge Arango in the “Style Compass” section of Introspective, the elegant online magazine from 1stdibs. Plus I got to pick a few of my favorite items from 1stdibs’ current inventory, which, as always, is really dazzling–especially when it comes to my passion: French design from the 1920 through the 1940s.

Bruce Bierman in 1stdibs Introspective magazineBruce Bierman's Quick Picks from 1stdibs in Introspective magazine


CJ Dellatore: Glenn Gissler’s Favorite Blog

cj dellatore blog

Carl Dellatore, an engaging and longstanding member of the New York design community, is responsible for my favorite blog, CJ Dellatore: Relevant Design ( Resources for interior design professionals and the savvy consumer. Carl, who combines an interest in aesthetics and beauty with a level of intelligence and pragmatism that’s refreshing, posts thoughtful, informative pieces on Business, Design, Fashion, and Technology. He recently started a section called Point of View, in which a designer gives a short, succinct quote about his or her work, which is illustrated by a single image. (I was pleased to be featured in the section.)

CJ Dellatore blog, Point of View, Glenn Gissler

I really like the way Carl looks at and understands social media as an expressive means of communicating about design. For instance, he’s smart about the way people use such tactics as hashtags: 

CJ Delatore blog post The Rise of the HashtagContinue reading here.

In posts like this Carl shares what he knows and has learned about social media and design in an interesting and dynamic way. He speaks a clear and concise language I can understand. His blog is practical and entertaining, inspirational and service oriented. I contacted him to talk about it and found he is as provocative as he is amusing. Carl thinks about blogging as an organic process, not just a mindless matter of SEO but an art that requires care, thought, and strategy. I know I’ll continue to learn a lot from him and his blog.


Back in the News: A Fresh Look at Two Bruce Bierman Apartments

I was very pleased to see two projects I designed a few years back receiving notice this month in very different contexts. The first is the Palm Beach apartment below:

Bruce Bierman Palm Beach apartment living-dining room

It is featured on the American Hardwood Information Center‘s website in an Insights from the Experts column by Wendy Silverstein that discusses how I make extensive use of oak for floors and cabinetry throughout the apartment. Click here to read the full story.

American Hardwood Information CenterBruce Bierman Palm Beach apartment in the American Hardwood Information Center's column Insights from the Experts by Wendy Silverstein

The second apartment is this penthouse in Chelsea, New York, that I designed late last decade. It has a lot of great Sonia Delaunay art, which I blogged about here, and has been published extensively before:

Bruce Bierman Chelsea penthouse

The apartment is getting renewed attention because it’s currently for sale. But what’s really gratifying is that the real estate listing in the New York Times gives me full credit for the design of the loft, which can be bought with all the furnishings included:

Bruce Bierman Chelsea apartment for saleBruce Bierman Chelsea penthouse for sale