Circular Thinking: Decorating with Holiday Wreaths

The ancient Greeks invented wreaths, which were usually made of entwined laurel sprigs and used to crown Olympic victors. The adoption of evergreen wreaths as Christmas decorations dates back to 16th century Germany. Today, in all sorts of guises, wreaths are a near-universal symbol of the holiday season. Here are some of our favorites by Designers Collaborative members.

Holiday wreath made of magnolia leaves by Laura Bohn

Laura Bohn: This is the Upper East side living room of clients who moved into their new apartment in December and were not planning to select any art until they’d lived there a while. We filled the empty wall space with a handsome wreath of magnolia to celebrate the holiday season.

Holiday wreath on farmhouse porch by Carl D'Aquino

Carl D’Aquino: This decorative wreath–evergreen wrapped around an empty frame with a smaller wreath at its center–is on the porch of the 18th- century colonial brick farmhouse  I’m renovating for myself in Orange County, New York. 

Holiday wreath drawn on a chalkboard by Laura Bohn

Laura Bohn: We drew this festive wreath on a chalkboard in our conference room for our annual holiday office party. 

Pair of holiday wreaths on barn doors by Carl D'Aquino

Carl D’Aquino: We hung a pair of small wreaths on the doors of the barn at my Orange County horse farm.