Eastward Ho! Asia Week Hits New York

Asia Week New York 2012 logo

Asia Week New York runs March 16-24

I’m very excited about Asia Week New York 2012, a collaboration among Asian art specialists5 auction houses, and 17 museums and Asian cultural institutions in the metropolitan New York area from March 16-24, 2012. Simultaneous exhibitions presented by more than 30 prominent Asian art dealers from the U.S. and abroad, auctions at BonhamsChristie’sDoyle New YorkiGavel, and Sotheby’s as well as dozens of special events are planned for this period. All exhibitions, auctions, and events are listed in a comprehensive guide with maps, available at the participating galleries, auction houses, and cultural institutions as well as on the Asia Week New York web site.

I’ve always viewed Asian art and antiques as a requisite ingredient in sophisticated and eclectic interiors. Japanese ceramics, contemporary Chinese photography–I find the approach of mixing those with Greek, Roman and Ecuadorian antiquities exhilarating and essential to my interiors. Here’s an example:

Interior by Ronald Bricke

On top of a 17th-century Dutch inlaid marquetry table, I’ve juxtaposed an 18th-century Sang de Poulet porcelain vase of the Ch’ien Lung period with a Roman Imperial marble figure of Herakles, circa  second century, A.D., and a silver sculpture by Japanese artist Junko Mori. The vignette stands in front of Celestial Mountains, by the contemporary photographer Wang Wusheng.