For Show: Laura Bohn Gives Nurse Jackie a Design Injection

We love the annual Showtime House, where the cable network asks designers to create rooms inspired by their favorite Showtime series. For the most recent show house, located on five penthouse floors in Manhattan’s swank Cassa Hotel, our own fabulous Laura Bohn got to design a couple of sensational spaces for Nurse Jackie. The show house has closed, but you can click here to take a guided tour with Laura of the trippy-chic patient’s cubicle and mood-altering hospital chapel she conjured for television’s only Seconal-snorting caregiver. And don’t forget to tune in to season three of Nurse Jackie, which premieres March 28.

Patient's room in Nurse Jackie Showtime House by Laura Bohn

The custom bed by K. Flamm Associates and the chrome and black mica overhead sculpture by BFI Construction Corp. are both trapezoid, giving the cubicle a skewed, slightly hallucinogenic perspective that matches Nurse Jackie’s frequent drug-addled wooziness.

Wall and curtain details in patient's room for Nurse Jackie Showtime House by Laura Bohn
Laura swathed the cubicle is in latex curtains by K. Falm Associates, and created a frieze by writing Nurse Jackie’s mantra, “Life is a series of little pricks,” around the walls, which are finished in periwinkle-blue chalkboard paint. Fluorescent uplights by Circa Lighting illuminate the Verner Pantonesque ceiling sculpture.

Details in  patient's room for Nurse Jackie Showtime House by Laura Bohn

Laura used illuminated eye charts and stylized cardiograms as decorative art on the cubicle wall above a steel and glass television console by Desiron.

Hospital chapel by Laura Bohn in Nurse Jackie Showtime House

In the hospital chapel, an image of the Virgin Mary appears, courtesy of a video projection by Insight Onsite, creating a calm haven where Jackie can peace out. The luxe altar cloth is by K. Flam Associates, while Laura applied a decal to the window to give the illusion of stained glass.

Bench in hospital chapel by Laura Bohn for Nurse Jackie Showtime House

Laura borrowed an old wood garden bench from her own country house, power-washed it clean, and installed it as a pew in the chapel.