Midnight Lace: The Art of Karen Moody Tompkins

I’m wild about these mixed-media prints by Karen Moody Tompkins.  Titled QAL (for Queen Anne’s Lace), the portfolio comprises four prints in an edition of 15, and speaks to the artist’s love of nature and science and the convergence of the two.  Tompkins takes on new laser printing technologies and pairs them with multiple hand-drawn layers to achieve black-and-white images evoking flowers that are both  celestial and grounded. To me, the central compositions recall the close-up plant photography of the German artist Karl Blossfeldt, but with a much lacier demeanor. The set of four 30-inch by 30-inch prints costs $8,000 at Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence, Rhode Island, and so represents large-scale, high-impact, moderately priced fine art that can be hung comfortably in contemporary or more traditional environments.

Karen Moody Tompkins QAL1

Karen Moody Tomkins QAL2

Karen Moody Tompkins QAL5

Karen Moody Tompkins QAL6