Tangerine Dream: Susan Huckvale Arann Uses Orange

Tangerine may be Pantone’s color of the year, but designing with orange is nothing new to us at American & International Designs, Inc. You may have seen my recent post featuring a New York City apartment kitchen done in orange. I find it to be such a warm and inviting color and love using it in my designs. Many times people relate orange to autumn, which is a shining season for the hue, but used correctly, it becomes a vibrant color across all seasons and year over year. It could take over an entire design or be the finishing pop of color, but orange is very often part of my work.

Breakfast Is Served - Family Breakfast Area

The warmth of the orange in the background of this family breakfast area offsets the cool blue accent wall and highlights the rich color of the draperies.

condo kitchen after

Warming up a space from the top down is easy with an orange ceiling.  In this kitchen, it creates an eye catching feature that blends in well with the rest of the design.

cabana 1

Orange is great for creating pops of color within a space.