Remodelista: Bruce Bierman’s Favorite Blog


I’m a big fan of the home design blog Remodelista, which is a great tool for both professional and amateur designers whether they’re looking for general inspiration or specific products. It not only shows a terrific range of stylish spaces and projects, which you can browse by category, but there’s also a Shop section that allows you to buy featured items such as lighting, hardware, appliances, and furniture. The site was started in 2007 by four friends–Julie Carlson, Janet Hall, Sarah Lonsdale, and Francesca Connolly, who all have a exceptional eye for thoughtful, glitz-free design–as an information-sharing vehicle, and has grown into a reliable sourcebook for interior design at a time when many shelter magazines have ceased publication. Here are a few recent posts that caught my eye:

Remodelista Pool Houses

Remodelista lets you vote in their Considered Design Awards:

Remodelista Best Bedroom Professional Category
It’s a great resource for interesting fixtures, like this selection of bathroom sinks:

Remodelista Architect Designed Bathroom Sinks
It’s also keeps an eye out for trends, like putting a bathtub in the bedroom:

Remodelista Baths in the Bedroom