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Great Dane: Stunning Ceramics by Axel Salto

My favorite ceramics are by Axel Salto (1889-1961), the most important Danish designer of ceramic art. He achieved a powerful expressiveness by exploiting form and surface. Salto interpreted motives from the plant world and created pieces with surfaces that rippled with dynamic energy and dramatic lines.

Axel Salto ceramic vase with blue-brown Sung glaze 1967

Axel Salto ceramic vases for Royal Copenhagen Denmark

Axel Salto stoneware bowl with a streaming Sung glaze and herringbone channeled walls, Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, circa 1950

Axel Salto stoneware vessel in a Sung glaze for Royal Copenhagen circa 1950

Axel Salto worked in three main styles: budding, sprouting, and living stone. He never abandoned his experiment with unusually rich glazes and evocative organic forms. Salto used Chinese and classic glazes such as solfatara and Sung to clothe his organic creations. For most of his career, Salto worked at Royal Copenhagen. This legendary manufacturer produced Salto’s designs from the 1930’s until after his death. Salto’s artistic skills are also shown in graphic designs–he did illustrations for books, jewelry, and textiles.

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