The Glamour Quotient: Gabriella Crespi

Gabriella Crespi, now almost 90 years old, is an Italian designer, artist, and social swan whose highly distinctive furniture and accessories, produced mainly in the ’60s and ’70s, constantly surprise and delight me. Here are some favorites:

Stainless steel and lacquer on wood Yang Yin desk by Gabriella Crespi, circa 1979

Gabriella Crespi brass table lamp with silk shade

Gilded brass and lacquer on wood convertible dining table by Gabriella Crespi, ca. 1970

Brass over wood desk by Gabriella Crespi, circa 1975

Although the renewal of interest in Crespi is relatively recent (this 2005 article in the New York Times was one of the first to reassess her in the mainstream press), her furniture and objects are not easy to come by. A search of is probably the best place to start.