Where the Wild Things Are: Two Unmissable Nick Cave “Soundsuit” Installations in Chelsea

Nick Cave, the sculptor and performance artist, has a pair of terrific shows  running simultaneously at two Chelsea galleries–For Now at Mary Boone and Ever-After at Jack Shaiman–through October 8.  Both shows feature Cave’s signature “Soundsuits,” exuberantly theatrical fabric sculptures that double as costumes for dance and performance pieces. The wild installations and videos defy description, though the artist gets close when he calls them “a psychedelic, functified freak show that is an accumulation of the decades from the perspective of voodoo woo-loo.” Don’t miss them.

Nick Cave Soundsuit at Mary Boone Gallery

A “Soundsuit” covered in pipe cleaners and found objects at Mary Boone Gallery 

Nick Cave Ever-After at Jack Shainman Gallery

Installation view of Ever-After at Jack Shainman Gallery

Nick Cave Ever After at Jack Shainman Gallery
Shaggy bunny “Soundsuits” in Ever-After at Jack Shainman Gallery 

Nick Cave Soundsuit

A “Soundsuit” covered with dogwood twigs from For Now at Mary Boone Gallery

Nick Cave Soundsuits at Jack Shainman Gallery

A “Soundsuit” covered in buttons and bugle beads at Jack Shaiman Gallery

Nick Cave Soundsuit at Mary Boone

A “Soundsuit” made of found sweaters at Mary Boone