Who’s Been Sleeping in Andy’s Bed? Glenn Gissler Tells All

New York Design Hunting Magazine Summer 2012 Cover

I recently picked up the premiere issue of New York Design Hunting, a terrific new stand-alone shelter magazine edited by the fabulous Wendy Goodman.  It’s on newsstands now and I urge you to buy a copy quickly before they all disappear. I was especially intrigued by the magazine’s last page, which features a large bedroom dominated by an impressive four-poster bed, and asks the reader, “Guess Who Slept Here . . .”

Design Hunting Magazine last page featuring Andy Warhol's four-poster bed

Well, I knew instantly who it was: Andy Warhol! It’s a photograph of Warhol’s bedroom, designed by the young Jed Johnson, in the town house at 57 East 66th Street where the artist lived from 1974 till his death in 1987. Not that I’d ever been in the house—almost no one had since Warhol asked very few people to visit—but I did have a connection to the four-poster bed. It was part of the fabled 10-day-long Warhol estate auction at Sotheby’s in April, 1988, which netted a staggering $25,300,000 in total. Lot 3193, described in the catalog as a “Federal Carved Mahogany Four-Post Tester Bedstead,” went for $10,450 to Calvin and Kelly Klein. Shortly after I was brought in to help the couple finish up a number of rooms in their East Hampton house—an 1891 shingle mansion that architect Thierry Despont had renovated for them—which was on a dead end road overlooking the ocean and Georgica Pond. The image below shows how I used Andy Warhol’s bed in that very different, far-from-the-Upper-East-Side environment.

Andy Warhol's four-poster bed in Calvin & Kelly Klein's East Hampton bedroom by Glenn Gissler

“You can do everything either from your bed or in your bed—eat, sleep, think, get exercise, smoke . . . . Everything is more glamorous when you do it in bed, anyway. Even peeling potatoes.”  The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)